VAIO Digital Studio®
Computer Specifications


Hardware Specifications

The following table details the hardware specifications of your computer.

Processor 2.80 GHz1 Intel® Pentium® 4 with Hyper-Threading Technology 3 GHz1 Intel® Pentium® 4 with Hyper-Threading Technology 2.80 GHz1 Intel® Pentium® 4 with Hyper-Threading Technology
Hard Disk Drive 120 GB2 (7200 RPM)
C=15 GB / D=100 GB
160 GB2 (7200 RPM)
C=15 GB / D=140 GB
200 GB2 (7200 RPM)
C=15 GB / D=180 GB
Standard Memory (RAM) 512 MB, PC2700, DDR-SDRAM, expandable to 2.0 GB 1 GB, PC3200, DDR-SDRAM, expandable to 2.0 GB

512 MB, PC2700, DDR-SDRAM, expandable to 2.0 GB

NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5200
Video Memory (VRAM)
128 MB (128-bit)
Sound Capabilities
ADI 1981B
Floppy Disk Drive
3.5-inch 1.44 MB
DVD±RW Drive
2X max. DVD-RW reading
2.4X max. DVD+RW reading
4X max. DVD+R/DVD-R reading
8X max. DVD-ROM reading
32X max. CD-RW/CD-R/CD-ROM reading
2X max. DVD-RW writing
2.4X max. DVD+RW writing
4X max. DVD-R/DVD+R writing
10X max. CD-RW writing
16X max. CD-R writing
DVD-ROM Drive  
4.8X max DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R reading
16X max. DVD-ROM reading
20X max. CD-RW reading
40X max. CD-R/CD-ROM reading
CD-ROM Drive
40X max. CD-R/CD-ROM reading
24X max. CD-RW reading
V.90 data/fax modem3 (REN 0.8B)
Expansion Capabilities
Hard disk drive bay
PCI slot
Connection Capabilities – Front
Memory Stick® media slot
i.LINK®4(4-pin) port
USB 2.0 ports (4)
Composite audio L/R In jacks
Composite video In jack
S-video In jack
Connection Capabilities - Rear

USB 2.0 ports (4)
PS/2® keyboard port
PS/2 mouse port
VGA monitor port
DVI monitor port
Parallel (printer) port
S/P DIF Optical out port
Headphones jack
Line In jack
Microphone jack
i.LINK (6-pin) port
Modem line jack
Telephone jack
DC Out jack
TV Out (S-Video/video) jack
Composite video In jack
Composite audio L/R In jacks (2)
S-video In jack
VHF/UHF port
10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-TX Ethernet LAN port (RJ-45)

Supplied Accessories
VAIO® keyboard
PS/2® Optical mouse
Power cord
Sub woofer
Stereo speakers with power cable (PCVA-SP4)
Modem cable
Infrared receiver (PCVA-IR5U)
Remote control (PCVA-GP4U)
TV coaxial cable
Video adapter
AA batteries (2)
Limited Warranty
One year parts/labor5.
See Limited Warranty Card for details.
Telephone Support
One year hardware support.5
90 days software support.
Power Requirement
295 watts maximum
100-120 V ~4.7A
7.7" (w) x 15" (h) x 15.4" (d)
(195 mm x 380 mm x 391 mm)
30.86 lbs. (14kg)
Operating Temperature
50°F to 95°F (+10°C to 35°C)


1GHz denotes microprocessor internal clock speed; other factors may affect application performance. Processor speed is reduced under certain operating conditions.
2GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Five GB of hard disk space is reserved as a recovery partition. Accessible capacity may vary.
3Maximum speed for faxing is 14.4 Kilobits per second (Kbps). Your modem is capable of downloading at 53 Kbps using 56K/V.90. Your online service or Internet service provider may not support this technology or operate at this speed.
4i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an IEEE 1394 connection. The i.LINK connection quality may vary, depending on the software applications, operating system, and compatible i.LINK devices. All products with an i.LINK connection may not be compatible. See the documentation supplied with your compatible i.LINK device for information on operating conditions and proper connection. Before connecting compatible i.LINK devices to your system, such as an optical or hard disk drive, confirm their operating system compatibility and required operating conditions.
5Certain restrictions apply.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Included Software

The software described in this section may not be available on your computer, depending on the system configuration purchased.

Operating System Software


Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


Preinstalled Applications and Utilities

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®
Adobe Systems Inc.
Acrobat Reader software enables you to view, navigate, and print electronic documents in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF), an open file format intended to preserve the fidelity of documents created on many major computer platforms.

Support: Adobe Systems Inc.
Web site:
Phone: 206-675-6126 (fee-based support)
Fax: 206-628-5737
Hours: M - F, 6 AM - 5 PM (PST)


Adobe® Photoshop® Elements
Adobe Systems Inc.
Using state-of-the-art image editing tools, you can unleash your artistic ability and create digital images for print, e-mail, and posting to the Web. The versatile image capturing options enable you to start working with digital and traditional photos immediately. Explore extensive creative possibilities for your personal images with Adobe Photoshop Elements software.

Support: Adobe Systems Inc.
Web site:
Phone: 206-675-6126 (fee-based support)
Fax: 206-628-5737
Hours: M - F, 6 AM - 5 PM (PST)


Adobe® Premiere® LE
Adobe Systems Inc.
Adobe Premiere LE software offers interface and editing tools for producing movies for video, multimedia, or the Web. View source clips and edited footage simultaneously on-screen. You can create your own personal video clips that are up to three hours in length, with complete audio-video synchronization.

Support: Adobe Systems Inc.
Web site:
Phone: 206-675-6126 (fee-based support)
Fax: 206-628-5737
Hours: M - F, 6 AM - 5 PM (PST)


America Online®
America Online, Inc.
America Online is a popular Internet online service. Stay in touch with family and friends with easy-to-use e-mail. Manage your personal finances, get the latest news and sports scores, and chat with thousands of others who share your interests.

Support: America Online, Inc.
Web site:


AT&T WorldNet® Service
AT&T Corp.
AT&T WorldNet Service offers fast, reliable Internet access. Customer benefits include Web-based e-mail, video e-mail, multiple e-mail accounts, free Web pages, online and live agent technical support, instant messaging, and parental controls.

Support: AT&T Corp.
Web site:


Boingo Wireless, Inc.
Boingo Wireless™
Boingo Wireless offers Wi-Fi access in hundreds of hot spot locations, including airports, hotels, coffee shops and other public spaces. Experience the Internet up to 100 times faster than dial-up, and enjoy being totally mobile.

Support: Boingo Wireless, Inc.
Web site:
Phone: 800-880-4117
Hours: M - F, 4 AM - 10 PM & S - S, 6 AM to 3 PM (PST)


Click to DVD™
Sony Electronics Inc.
At the touch of a button, Click to DVD software allows you to automatically burn DVDs from a digital video device. Create DVDs by capturing video content straight from a digital video (DV) device or stored video files — and you can also edit the video if desired. Create DVD photo albums and slide shows, with picture files or pictures from a digital still camera. What’s more, you can easily give a professional look to your DVDs by adding chapter menus, backgrounds, and menu screens. You’re only a few clicks away from your own DVDs!

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


DVgate™ Plus
Sony Electronics Inc.
DVgate Plus preserves and enhances the high-quality video that you demand of Sony products. With DVgate Plus, you can capture video from a variety of sources into your computer, edit it using a user-friendly "Output Mode" and save it back to your camcorder or computer.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


EarthLinkSM Total Access®
EarthLink, Inc.
EarthLink, one of the world’s largest Internet Service Providers, offers dial-up and broadband access to the Internet. Member benefits include e-mail, newsgroups, a Personal Start Page, free storage space for your personal Web site, a member magazine, and 24-hour technical support.

Support: EarthLink, Inc.
Web site:


Giga Pocket™ Personal Video Recorder
Sony Electronics Inc.
Giga Pocket™ Personal Video Recorder is a unique set of hardware and software components that provide you with excellent TV viewing, recording, and playback experiences. You can watch and record your favorite TV programs from your computer, create custom playlists, and play your Video Capsules on other compatible computers. Giga Pocket™ Personal Video Recorder enables your computer, TV, VCR, and other video player devices to work in harmony.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.
McAfee SecurityCenter
The SecurityCenter combines a set of must-have tools with simplified world class managed security services. The SecurityCenter is an easy-to use environment where McAfee subscribers can launch, manage and configure their security subscriptions. The SecurityCenter also acts as a source of information for virus alerts, product information, support, subscription information and one-click access to tools and news hosted at Includes VirusScanOnline, Personal Firewall Plus, Privacy Service and SpamKiller.

Support: Corporation
Web site:
Phone: (900) 733-8255
Hours: 5 AM - 11 PM (PST)
Phone support is $2.95 per minute.


Microsoft® Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Microsoft Corp.
The Age of Kings is the sequel to the award-winning, best-selling real time strategy game Age of Empires. Age of Empires II spans a thousand years, from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages in which players lead one of 13 civilizations into greatness. The game keeps the epic scope of Age of Empires’ game play while evolving the combat and economic features. Rated TEEN by the ESRB: Content may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older. May contain violent content, mild or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.

Support: Microsoft Corp.
Web site:


Microsoft® Encarta® Online
Microsoft Corp.
Encarta® Online, the online version of the popular encyclopedia, includes more than 47,000 encyclopedia articles, many with multimedia features such as video and audio clips. You’ll also find links to trusted Web sites with even more information. An interactive world atlas lets you zoom in on a particular region or country.

Support: Microsoft Corp.
Web site:


Microsoft® Money 2003 Standard
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft® Money 2003 Standard provides a quick and easy way to organize and manage your personal finances. New features include auto-balancing, a bills estimator, spending comparison reports, and investment reminders. Save time organizing and managing your cash flow and balancing your checkbook. Create and track a budget, pay your bills, organize your finances, and view a complete picture of your financial health all in one place.

Support: Microsoft Corp.
Web site:


Microsoft® Movie Maker 2
Microsoft Corp.
Windows® Movie Maker 2 makes home movies amazingly fun. With Movie Maker 2 you can create, edit and share your home movies right on your PC. Build your movie with a few simple drag-and-drops. Delete bad shots and include only the best scenes. Add special effects, music and narration. Then share your movie via the Web, e-mail, on your PC, CD, or even DVD. You can also save your edited movie back to the DV tape in your camera to play on a TV or even on the camera itself.

Support: Microsoft Corp.
Web site:


Microsoft® MSN 8
Microsoft Corp.
MSN 8.0 combines fast, reliable service with innovative Microsoft software to make the Web more useful for you and your family. The new MSN 8 includes smart features such as automatic e-mail virus protection services, an intelligent junk mail filter, powerful parental controls, and easy switching tools.

Support: Microsoft Corp.
Web site:


Microsoft® Works
Microsoft Corp.
Works lets you quickly and easily create high-quality, fun documents. Works provides the core tools you need to create documents, manage lists and schedules, create reports and budgets and organize information from many sources. Works includes Word Processor, Works Database, Works Spreadsheet, Works Portfolio, and Works Calendar.

Support: Microsoft Corp.
Web site:


MoodLogic, Inc.
MoodLogic is the world’s largest descriptive database of song information. Information provided directly from music lovers like you. MoodLogic allows you to browse the songs by artist and genre, narrow your selections by tempo or year, save your favorite playlist and transfer it to a portable player.

Support: Moodlogic, Inc.
Web site:


Network Smart Capture
Sony Electronics Inc.
Network Smart Capture captures images and video from any Sony Digital Camcorder that supports a standard i.LINK connection. Send your video or still images through e-mail or upload them to the ImageStation SM service. You can use the Web camera function to automatically upload your captured images.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


PictureGear Studio™
Sony Electronics Inc.
PictureGear Studio still image management software displays still images from your hard drive or a Sony digital still camera. The still images appear in a convenient light-table format so that you can easily view the contents of an entire folder, create your own photo albums and make prints.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


Quicken® 2003 New User Edition
Intuit Inc.
Quicken software is a fast, easy way to organize your finances. Quicken software works just like your checkbook, so it's easy to learn and use. You can even pay your bills online. Quicken software manages all of your finances, bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loans. (Users of earlier versions of Quicken software must upgrade for a fee.) Upgrade possible to Quicken® Deluxe, and other versions.

Support: Intuit Inc.
Web site:
Phone: 900-555-4932; 800-644-3193
Support from 900-555-4932 is fee-based. Support from 800-644-3193 is automated and free of charge.


Apple Computer, Inc.
The versatile QuickTime software plays many different kinds of media files, including video, audio, and virtual reality (VR) movies. You can play QuickTime files (referred to as “QuickTime movies”) using QuickTime Player or any other application, such as a Web browser or word processor, that supports QuickTime software.

Support: Apple Computer, Inc.
Web site:
Phone: 800-275-2273
Hours: M - F, 6 AM - 6 PM (PST)


RealOne™ Player
RealNetworks, Inc.
RealOne™ Player is an all-in-one digital media player that lets you find everything and play anything. RealOne Player fuses a streaming media player, jukebox, browser and new content discovery services all in one application. Play CDs, MP3s and internet radio stations from anywhere in the world. View video clips and movies with the same player. Download music directly to your Sony MiniDisc™ Walkman or your Sony Memory Stick™ Walkman.

Support: RealNetworks, Inc.
Web site:
E-mail support available through a Web-based e-mail form.


VERITAS Software Corp.
RecordNow is the ideal CD and DVD disc-mastering software. The RecordNow wizard makes it easy for the novice user to start recording right away, while the more advanced user will appreciate extended features such as a detailed activity log and the ability to customize drive settings.

Support: VERITAS Software Corp.
Web site:


Sony Electronics Inc.
The SonicStage jukebox application gives you all the tools you need to manage music on your computer. SonicStage software sports high-quality digital audio storage, a music visualizer, a sleek player skin design, audio CD burning capability (on computer models that include a CD recording device), and a parametric equalizer for fine-tuning audio playback

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


SonicStage™ Mastering Studio
Sony Electronics Inc.
Use SonicStage™ Mastering Studio software to record songs from analog records or cassette tapes into your computer, and output them to CD-R or CD-RW discs, or audio files in WAV format.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


Sony on Yahoo!
Yahoo! Inc.
Personalize your own Web portal with Sony on Yahoo! Get a free Web mail account, customized news and local weather reports, comics, instant messaging, and more.

Support: Yahoo! Inc.
Web site:


Sony® Screenblast™ ACID
Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment
With the powerful Sony Screenblast ACID software you can create royalty-free music by utilizing its loop-based production tool, including unlimited tracks and enhanced effects.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


Sony® VAIO Hints and Tips
Sony Electronics Inc.
VAIO Hints and Tips provides helpful information about using your computer’s preinstalled hardware and software. You can find suggestions on improving system performance, answers to frequently asked questions, and creative ways to tap into your computer’s multimedia capabilities. As you become familiar with your computer’s features, your creative VAIO® computer experience expands.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


Sony® VAIO® Product Registration
Sony Electronics
VAIO Product Registration is an integrated registration application for both Sony Electronics and Microsoft. By registering to Sony Electronics, the VAIO owners become eligible for the extended warranty offered by Sony depending on the machine purchased. Microsoft directs the data to Sony Electronics. Sony uses the registration data for warranty purposes and the analysis of customer feedback on Sony computer features.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


VAIO Edit Components
Sony Electronics Inc.
VAIO Edit Components is a software plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® software that provides maximum compatibility and video quality for capturing video from your Sony digital camcorder. If your VAIO computer does not have Adobe Premiere software preinstalled and you subsequently purchase this software, install the VAIO Edit Component plug-in to ensure compatibility with Sony digital camcorders.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


VAIO Media™
Sony Electronics Inc.
VAIO Media™ software brings multimedia to your network, enabling you to share music, video, and still image files between your VAIO computers. You can set up one or more computers as “media servers,” which store your multimedia files and make them available to the other VAIO computers on your wired or wireless network.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


VAIO Support Agent
Sony Electronics Inc.
VAIO Support Agent provides immediate, interactive, online support with information about your preinstalled software and answers to frequently asked questions.

Support: Sony Electronics Inc.


Getting Help
Sony Support  
Web site:
Phone: 888-4-SONY-PC (888-476-6972)
Hours: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


©2003 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Sony, the Sony logo, VAIO, VAIO Media, i.LINK, Handycam, SonicStage, PicoPlayer, MovieShaker, DVgate, MagicGate, and Memory Stick are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. QuickTime is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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This product contains software owned by Sony and licensed by third parties. Use of such software is subject to the terms and conditions of license agreements enclosed with this product. Some of the software may not be transported or used outside the United States.
Software specifications are subject to change without notice and may not necessarily be identical to current retail versions. Preinstalled software may not be identical to retail versions or have all documentation.
Updates and additions to software may require an additional charge. Subscriptions to online service providers may require a fee and credit card information. Financial services may require prior arrangements with participating financial institutions.
Certain software product(s) included with this computer may include features such as copy protection and content management technology. USE OF THE SOFTWARE PRODUCT(S) REQUIRES AGREEMENT TO APPLICABLE END USER AGREEMENTS AND FULL COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE PRODUCT ACTIVATION PROCEDURES. Product activation procedures and privacy policies will be detailed during initial launch of the software product(s), or upon certain reinstallations of the software product(s) or reconfigurations of the computer, and may be completed by Internet or telephone (toll charges may apply).